Vital Information About Vital Signs

February 23, 2012

Since fall of 2011, a box containing the Vital Signs logo has been located on the Home Page of the Conference website (, sandwiched between Areas of Interest and Faith in Action. That logo has contained a "Learn more" link, redirecting users to the main Vital Signs site (

The "Learn more" link has been removed. Now, when you click on the Vital Signs logo, you'll be taken to an internal information page (see photo, below left).
The new Vital Signs information page gives an overview of the Vital Signs program, tells how churches can sign up, and includes links to informational videos and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
View Vital Signs Reports
At the very top of the page, you'll find links to Vital Signs Reports.
Click on "Vital Signs | OTHER REPORTS" on the right, and you'll be able to view reports by church, district, Conference, or jurisdiction. A summary section shows totals and averages; it is followed by graphs and a "leader board" showing rankings, for each of the six categories of measurement.
Click on "Vital Signs | CIRCUIT REPORTS" on the left, and you'll be able to view reports by circuit. A summary section shows data for the current week, but you also may choose to view data according to a different time period of your choosing (for example, 01/01/12 - 02/15/12).
Graphs for each category follow the summary section, and below that is a "leader board," showing how circuits rank in the six categories being tracked, for the current week or the selected time period.
In the CIRCUIT REPORTS module, you may export raw data to an Excel spreadsheet – a feature not available yet in the OTHER REPORTS module.
Google Chrome is the web browser we recommend for this application. Please do not open CIRCUIT REPORTS in Internet Explorer 8 (though it should work properly in IE versions higher than 8).
Add Data Weekly
Experimenting with the reports functions will make apparent, quickly, the importance of inputting data to Vital Signs on a weekly basis. In fact, it is crucial to the value of the system! If a church compiles its statistics every week but only enters the information once a month, for example, that means that for the other three weeks, any report will show an inaccurate picture of the church – which skews data for the circuit, district, Conference, and beyond.
In other words, if the information isn't entered, no one will be able to pull it out – which negates the purpose of the tool.
By the way, please note that churches have just a four-week window to input and perfect their data. There always will be four dates visible (and editable) on the reporting screen – the current (Sunday) date and the three previous Sunday dates. As a new week is added, the oldest date will drop off and become inaccessible.