CVLI Program Changes

February 16, 2012

Normally at this time of year, churches in the California-Nevada Annual Conference receive a notice from the Conference Communications Office, reminding them to renew their church video licenses. This year, however, that is not the case.

Communications established an umbrella program with Christian Video Licensing International (CVLI) several years ago, through which churches could obtain a video license at a lower cost than if they purchased one on their own. The program was created with two objectives in mind: to promote awareness of video licensing laws, and to help small churches afford a video license.
We believe that the first objective largely has been met. As to the second – times have changed. Now, although the Conference's cost of administering the program has increased, due to increased demands on the time of staff involved, most churches actually can save money by buying their license through TechShop.* 
It no longer makes sense to continue the umbrella program.
Therefore, effective this year, churches will be responsible for obtaining video licensing on their own, just as they have been doing all along with music licensing.
To make this transition easier, CVLI has agreed to grandfather the rates paid last year by all the churches that used the Conference's program. CVLI will be mailing invoices within the next four to six weeks, to each church licensed last year through the Conference. Those churches will be charged the same amount they paid last year.
Many Cal-Nevada churches made the transition to TechShop last year. If yours is one of them, expect a renewal notice from CVLI one to two months prior to your license renewal date.
If your church did not purchase a license last year, and you want to obtain coverage, you may access the Tech Shop Church Video Licensing page here – or go to and click on "Tech Shop," found on the bottom right corner of the page, and then select "Church Video Licensing."
If your church upgraded to a ScreenVue Plus membership, please contact ScreenVue at to renew.
CVLI grants the license you need to comply with federal copyright law and allows for the public showing of DVDs and videocassettes in your church and childcare program. The CVLI Church Video License® provides copyright protection for more than 400 studios and producers, ranging from Disney to Warner Bros., and from Christian to independent producers. Once licensed, you may show a few scenes for a sermon illustration or sponsor a church movie night, all with the assurance of copyright compliance.
For more information, visit CVLI's website at
Music Licensing: As a reminder, please be sure to follow appropriate copyright laws with regard to copying and displaying music and music lyrics, as well, including obtaining a license if necessary. Churches must obtain this license and maintain coverage on their own. The companies most commonly used are Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI), which is a sister company of CVLI, along with OneLicense, and LicenSing.