A Sacramento UMC Steps out in FAITH to Launch Contemporary Service

February 16, 2012

Faith United Methodist Church in Sacramento is launching a new, contemporary worship service on Sunday afternoons, as an option for people unaccustomed to the routine of Sunday morning worship or unable to attend at that time. The design of the service aims to appeal to those "who want to be casual when they come, and who like energetic praise/contemporary Christian music" – particularly young people – according to the Rev. Barbara Horikoshi-Firebaugh, the church's pastor.

"We are excited about reaching out to the younger generations in our community to help them experience God in this casual, energizing format," she says.
The church's traditional service will continue to be offered at 11 a.m.
The new service, called The Oasis, will debut on Easter Sunday (April 8) at 5 p.m.
Oasis is defined as a place in the desert where water is found, or a peaceful area in the midst of difficult or hectic circumstances. In the case of the new service at Faith UMC, Oasis stands for a place "Where lives are quenched with Living Water" – water that is refreshing, renewing, and life-giving.
Faith United Methodist Church is located at 3600 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.