'LIMITLESS: Redefine Tomorrow' Event Is for Young Women of Faith

February 02, 2012

Registration Deadline Is Feb. 22

By Connie Hunter
California-Nevada UMW
August 2-5, 2012, the United Methodist Women (UMW) is sponsoring a national gathering of young women at Duke University. The event will equip young women of faith to transcend barriers and to do justice in their communities by putting faith, hope, and love into action.
The weekend will include worship and Bible study, workshops and labs, and opportunities to engage in community service (justice and advocacy) activities. It is a unique opportunity to learn more about United Methodist Women, a mission organization founded in 1869 to respond to a need for women missionaries in India. Since then UMW has focused on the needs of women and young people around the world, pioneering the work that the United Nations recently has embraced as the path to a world of peace with justice.
The California-Nevada Conference UMW is recruiting three young women to attend this event: a teen, age 14-17; a young adult woman, age 18-30; and a mentor who is at least 25 years old. All participants must be active members of a United Methodist Church or a local unit of United Methodist Women. All expenses are being paid for the women selected to attend this event. 
Upon their return home, the participants will have an opportunity to shape United Methodist Women across California-Nevada, by working with the Conference UMW Executive Committee.
Time is short! Applications with references are due to Sandie Hartman no later than Wednesday, Feb. 22. To request an application packet, send an email to sandie_hartman@alumni.hmc.edu.
Do you know a young woman who might like to participate in this event? Spread the word!