Remember the Future: 30 Days of Preparation for General Conference

January 19, 2012

Join Bishop Robert Schnase for "Remember the Future: 30 Days of Preparation," a series of reflections as The United Methodist Church prepares for General Conference 2012. These daily meditations explore hope, purpose, leadership, and making and becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.

Beginning March 26, a new essay by Bishop Schnase will be posted daily on the Ministry Matters website. Each essay will explore a key topic or scripture, and suggest ideas for deeper reading and exploration. Short video clips on key topics, will also be posted each week.
In the meantime, visit the website ( to read Schnase's first blog and explore resources for preaching, teaching and ministry - or sign up to receive each day's mediation in the form of an email, delivered to your In Box, at no charge.
As Schnase writes in his introduction, "I hope the daily writings help focus the conversation on the mission of the church in Christ, and that they cause delegates at General Conference as well as local church leaders to continually remember the future!"