Plan to Attend a Discovery Event in 2012

January 05, 2012

Over the last several years, we in the California-Nevada Annual Conference have been changing how we live as a connection of churches. Many things have taken place: we have sought to "rethink, renew, and reform" around a network of circuits; we have devised a plan to encourage, equip, and position servant leaders – both lay and clergy – to join with God's mission in the world; we have dedicated ourselves not only to revitalizing existing congregations but also to creating new places for new people – and have hired a new Conference Superintendent, Bener Agtarap, to lead us in this effort; and we have begun reframing our Conference structure.

But all the ways we have been changing together are meant simply to focus us on reaching those who are close to the heart of Jesus.
Before we can understand how these emphases align, and what our new structure and plan have to do with church vitality, we must ask ourselves a basic question: Who is on my heart? Because of my passion for Jesus Christ, for whom do I have compassion? Who are the people Jesus misses most in his church family? Whom do I miss the most?
Discover the answers! Attend one in a series of four Discovery Events, scheduled to begin in February.
Join Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr., Conference and District Superintendents, and other clergy and laity for a time of re-connecting with our passion for Jesus Christ and our compassion for all; exploration of resources available to each church to help it fulfill its part in God's mission; and learning from one another about creating clear, simple disciple-making movements and innovative ways to create new places for new people.
A Discovery Event is being offered in each district, beginning in the Great Northern District on Saturday, February 25 (at First United Methodist Church of Oroville). Additional dates are Sunday, March 25 in Bridges; Saturday, March 31 in El Camino Real; and Saturday, April 14 in Central Valley.
While you may attend at any location, content at each event will be somewhat specific to the hosting district, so attending the event within your own district is recommended.
Watch the Instant Connection for times and specific locations, the opening of online registration (at, and other information.
In the meantime, circle the date of a Discovery Event on your calendar and plan to attend!
Download save-the-date flyer here.
Reconnect with your passion for Jesus Christ and your compassion for all. Join us on Feb. 25, March 25, March 31, or April 14 for a day of being, seeing, and doing what matters to God!