Cal-Nev Communications Launches Mobile App for Conference Website

December 01, 2011

There's now a mobile phone app that makes the California-Nevada Annual Conference website smart-phone friendly! Your iPhone or Droid should update to the new mobile site automatically, the next time you visit the website at using your phone.

The mobile phone app has three tabs at the top: "Home," which returns you to the Home Page from interior pages, "Find churches," and "Find people."
In addition to a search window that allows you to search for a church by name, city, or zip code, "Find churches" also shows churches that are within 25 miles of your location (if you allow tracking of your physical location). "Find people" is a clergy search function only (since we do not make public names of laity), and brings up the person's email address as a live link.
On the Home Page are four photo features with links to their associated stories. Scrolling down reveals links to recently added News stories, upcoming Events, and recently added Classifieds, Death Notices, and Appointments (in that order). In each section, there is a "show more" link.
The app is an adaptation of the website skimmer, which allows you to browse topical content on your computer. Just add /skimmer after the Conference website URL in your web browser (making the URL, to see the most recently added items in the News, Events, Classifieds, Death Notices, and Appointments categories, at a glance.