SOSA Offers Advent Study, Alternative Gift Card Program

December 01, 2011

Society of St. Andrew (SoSA), the national gleaning ministry, has two Advent programs for you and your church.

Passing the Peace
This booklet is an Advent devotions and giving program to help keep us focused on Jesus' coming while we provide a meaningful gift to feed hungry children and adults here in the United States.
During the season of Advent, the Society of St. Andrew devotional booklet asks participants to reflect prayerfully on the Scriptures and devotions, and also to join in the ministry of feeding America's hungry by making a financial donation. Last year, donations made through SoSA's Advent devotional program provided more than 1.2 million servings of food to the hungry. All booklets are provided free of charge.
Alternative Gift Christmas Card
While you and your family celebrate the joyous Christmas season, many Americans will experience first-hand the reality of hunger and poverty in our land of abundance. America still is the richest nation on earth, but 40 million of its citizens suffer in poverty. This Christmas, you can give them hope by the simple act of honoring your loved ones with a gift donation to feed the hungry.
Each $12 donation to the Society of St. Andrew provides about 600 servings of fresh, nutritious food to America's hungry families. It's such a sincere and loving way to feed the hungry and honor special people in your life. And when you do, each person you so honor will receive our exclusive Christmas Gift Donation Card announcing your generous gift in their name.