Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul: Living It All For God, Praying With Our Whole Selves

November 14, 2011

Our Great Commandment from Jesus and Hebrew Scriptures calls us to love God with our whole selves – heart, mind, body, and soul. But many of us find our daily practices do not support that integration.

Learn about yourself and reconnect! Join international Interplay leaders, the Rev. Judy Shook, pastor of Ukiah United Methodist Church, and international peace builder Masankho Banda, for an enchanting, transformational, and restful time on the "healing island" of Hawaii, Jan. 27-31, 2012.
"This is an invitation for your body spirits to connect with sacred healing sites, creative fires, and mother earth. The renewing waters and the luscious green growth will be the perfect backdrop for your stillness, stories, and dance," Shook says.
Shook has been sharing some helpful tools in Interplay, a global social movement dedicated to ease, connection, human sustainability, and play. She has used the easy and incremental forms in spiritual direction with groups and individuals, worship, classes, and retreats.
"Participants around the world in more than 50 cities and five continents enjoy Interplay for profound personal well-being, community building, and just plain fun," says Shook, who has been leading Interplay since 1995. "There are many things we can list that 'stress us out.' Interplay helps us access and practice the things that bring ease, grace, and amusement into our lives. This is especially good for adults who are 'recovering serious persons.'"
Founded by ordained minister Cynthia Winton-Henry and lay minister Phil Porter and taught at Pacific School of Religion, InterPlay is a powerful tool to change people's lives, Shook says. She adds that it is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body – but one that is hard to describe.
"Someone once described it as 'sneaky deep.' It can be both playful and profound. The relaxing, enlivening, fun, and confidence-building Interplay forms are easy to learn. While these forms are associated with the arts – with movement, storytelling, voice, and stillness – we play with them in ways that don't require particular skill or even nerve."
Shook says participants often list the benefits they appreciate as: 
  • Connection with others;
  • Praying our bodies;
  • Thriving by getting body, mind, heart, and spirit to all work together; and
  • Letting grace happen in the midst of our lives and during play.  
The cost of $1399 includes food, accommodations, and workshop. Book by Nov. 27, 2011 and save $200!
Download flyer.
To register, go to http://www.ucandanc.org.
For more information visit the Interplay website at http://www.interplay.org, or call Banda at 510.773.7328 or Shook at 707.468.6465.
Other sites: Kalani Oceanside Retreat – http://www.kalani.com, in Kona http://www.ahparadise.com.