Broken to Peace

November 10, 2011

Video study series helps people find faith in times of trouble

Christians facing difficult life circumstances can find help dealing with them through a new inspirational video study series called Broken to Peace.  Designed for group study, the six-part series features people sharing compelling real-life stories that brought them to their knees, and telling how faith helped them cope.
The video discussion starters follow the journeys of people who have faced difficult issues – breast cancer, job loss, addiction, loss of a child, depression, and physical abuse – and who have found peace through their faith:
  • Kathleen, who spent countless nights searching homeless camps and jails looking for her drug-addicted son
  • Joyce, who confides that she believes God gave her breast cancer as "punishment" 
  • Charles, who felt "damaged" after losing his job
  • Isaiah, whose father beat her with a golf club and called her names
  • Bonnie, who fought the stigma of depression
  • Corliss and Donna, who bared their souls to share about every parent's worst nightmare – losing a child
You'll hear testimonies of how these people were able to rise again with God as their support, one step at a time, and continue their walk towards spiritual healing and human wholeness.
The series features a downloadable leader's guide for facilitating group study. Written by Christian educator and pastor, the Rev. Mark Price, the small-group study guide includes ideas for creating a welcoming place for participants, suggestions for leading group members through the video viewing, guidance for exploring Scripture, exercises for engaging the senses, and thoughts on taking action.
Several promotional resources such as bulletin inserts, an invitation card, and a poster are also available for downloading.
Offered by EcuFilm, an ecumenical film/video production and distribution service, Broken to Peace is available for $39.95. You may place your orders in a number of ways:
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