A Report on 'Moving Forward: Caregiver Support Forum'

November 03, 2011

By Jackie Finley
Older Adult Ministry Council

The OAMC's caregiver support forum on September 21 was a success, with attendees coming from as far away as Redding, Modesto, and the Bay Area. Comments and feedback from the participants indicated that the forum's workshops and group discussions provided information and ideas that will be incorporated into many churches throughout the Conference, helping to keep older adults vital and active members of congregations and communities.
At the forum, participants learned about the ever-present threat of financial elder abuse, and proactive ways to counter it; the spiritual and emotional importance of keeping older congregational members included in church life through worship-on-wheels, in-home Communion and congregational visiting; loss and bereavement, and how it makes us all human; and new and exciting means to keep seniors connected with friends and family through simple programs such as Skype. A major goal of all the workshops was to provide easy strategies for keeping older adults included, safe, and valued.
Big thanks goes to the workshop facilitators: Ruth Reynolds and Joyce Brinsky (Loss and Bereavement), Carol Sugimura and Rosemary Landry (Technology Options for Seniors), Beverly Lyon, Esq. (Financial Elder Abuse), and Jim Ross and Jackie Finley (Worship on Wheels/In-Home Communion/Congregational Visiting). Also, kudos go to Marilyn Wilson and Sarah Pryor for general support and assistance during the event, and to the wonderful staff at the United Methodist (Conference) Center in West Sacramento for their hospitality.
Plans are already underway for similar OAMC events in 2012!