'Ordinary to Extraordinary: A Day for the Laity'

October 27, 2011

By Burt Yin
Co-Lay Leader, CA-NV Annual Conference

Register Now for Nov. 5 Day for the Laity
Don't forget to register for "Ordinary to Extraordinary: A Day for the Laity" of the California-Nevada Annual Conference – Saturday, Nov. 5 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the United Methodist Center in West Sacramento. 
If you think your ministry is ordinary, think again – for God works through ordinary people to do extraordinary things! Come and learn about the ordinary people in the Bible who give us great examples of the extraordinary things all of us can do in sharing Jesus, our Church, and our Wesleyan ways in our congregations and beyond into our communities.
We are very excited to have two keynote presenters:
  • The Rev. Renae Extrum-Fernandez, Bridges District Superintendent, will share ways of developing leadership and service among the laity that lead to doing the things that matter to God and making a difference in our congregations and communities as we make disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the world.
  • The Rev. Linda Holbrook, an Elder in the Central Texas Conference and a spiritual director who brings prior business experience, will explore with us the spiritual gifts of leadership that God shares, helping us identify the gifts each of us have and providing insights into encouraging others in our congregations to share their gifts.
Come explore in other workshops as well:
  • Creating an Extraordinary Movement of Methodism: Following in our Wesleyan Ways, with the Rev. Tom Kimball
  • Building Extraordinary Congregations that effectively reach their diverse communities while strengthening their unity within the Body of Christ, with the Revs. Dale Weatherspoon and Sun Hee Kim
  • Moving Beyond Our doors in Extraordinary Outreach with our neighbors near and far, with Phil Bandy and Burt Yin
  • Developing New Understandings of Generosity – sharing back with God what has so richly been given to us, with the Rev. Betsy Schwarzentraub
Gain exciting insights on partnering with our pastors and being who we are called to be – not only at church, but at home, work, school, and in all those places where our lives touch the lives of others. Talk with laity from other churches and find out what they are doing in their congregations.
A special note for those who are current local church and certified lay speakers: This day will satisfy the requirement for the refresher course a local lay speaker must complete every three years, and also can be included as an advanced course for certified lay speakers.
Register here for "Ordinary to Extraordinary: A Day for the Laity," or go to www.cnumc.org/register. The registration deadline is Nov. 1, 2011.
Lunch is included in your registration.
The United Methodist Center is located at 1276 Halyard Drive, West Sacramento, CA 95691.
For more information, contact either of the Conference Co-Lay Leaders: Gayle Shearman at gshearman@comcast.net or 415.506.4196, or Burt Yin at burtpyin@gmail.com or 510.582.4368.