Apportionment Calculator Now Available: See How Your Dollars Work!

October 27, 2011

Do you ever wonder where your apportionment dollars go or what's the amount of your local church's contribution? 

Contributions are used within our Conference, the Western Jurisdiction, and the General Conference – in support of worthy causes such as the World Service Fund, Africa University Fund, the Jurisdictional Conference Administration Fund, and more. But how much goes to what?
Our NEW Apportionment calculator offers an easy answer. The calculator lets you see your church's apportionment dollars at work – in one easy click! To use the calculator: Select your local church from the pull-down menu (found on the blue bar) to display your church's share. See how your church's contribution compares with the Conference's, or with other churches within the Conference. Run your cursor over the pie chart to display your share. And for more information about the funds, click on the fund's name in the table.
The Apportionment Dollars for 2012 is also available.
For more information, go to Your Dollars at Work on the website.