CLayMAway Is Just Around the Corner

October 12, 2011

Don't miss out! Fall is in the air and the next CLayMAway course is fast approaching.

November is just around the corner, so apply now to attend the Conference Certified Lay Ministry program's next CLayMAway course, offered in two class blocks beginning in November (Nov. 14-18, 2011 and Jan. 16-20, 2012), at the Mercy Center in Auburn.
CLayMAway (the training with live instructors) trains lay persons for effective and expanded service in the local church and community by providing an opportunity for spiritual discernment, as well as tools for worship leading, preaching, Bible study, and all aspects of local church leadership.
However, it is necessary to complete the November class before taking the class in January; no new entries will be allowed for the January class, except at the request of a District Superintendent. So apply now – don't wait!
For more information and to apply, email
Looking for an Online Program?
Recruitment is currently underway for CLayMTEL, a new online Theological Education for Leadership (TEL) program developed by the Conference Certified Lay Ministry program in association with the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley.
The full curriculum course work, which begins in January, will take a year to complete and features two special classes for United Methodists. Upon competition, graduates will receive a Certificate in Theological Education for Leadership, as well as a Certified Lay Ministry Certificate. CLayM graduates will be eligible to be assigned to churches, if approved by their District Superintendent and DCOOM.
The CLayMTEL program will be at a cost roughly the equivalent of either CLayMAway (the residential program) or CLayM@Home (the DVD program). 
To participate in CLayMTEL, you MUST apply to both the CLayM program and to PSR TEL.
For more information, email