Katherine Parker Invites You to Check out 10-Fold.org

October 12, 2011

"Friends, the 10-fold campaign is back again this year to raise awareness about the mission of UMC Global Ministries," writes Katherine Parker, General Board of Global Ministries missionary and a member of the California-Nevada Annual Conference (below). "Today (Day 3) is about missionaries around the world, and features a picture of Mr. Thy and Irene, who are both GBGM-supported missionaries here in Cambodia with me. There [also] are links to blog posts from other missionaries, as well videos, etc.

"Thanks for your support of my work here in Cambodia. I hope you enjoy this opportunity to learn about other things that are going on around the world," she adds. 
Parker notes that if you sign up (give your email to The Advance program of The United Methodist Church), you'll receive approximately one informational email per month throughout the year, and the day's sponsors will donate $1 to the program.
10-Fold is about multiplying ministry and mobilizing passionate people to stand up and be counted for causes in which they believe. Every day focuses on a different project supported through The Advance – the giving arm of The United Methodist Church.
You can provide support simply by registering your interest in a project (go to www.10-Fold.org and click on "BE COUNTED"). For every person who does this, $1 will be donated to the project of the day, by the day's sponsor (up to $10,000).
(NOTE: If you wish to trigger a donation for a previous day's project, click on the "Projects" tab, then on the project you wish to support, and then look for the Be Counted button to the right of the video screen, click on it, and give your email address. You will receive a confirmation email to which you must respond in order to have your support register.)  
On Tuesday (Oct. 18), the California-Nevada Annual Conference will be the sponsor of the day, in support of Advance # 3021302, Comprehensive Community Development Project for Dumagat Communities. This Philippines Ministry with the Poor Model Project aims to improve livelihoods through human rights. Its mission is to contribute to the process of community empowerment and self-determination, by strengthening relationships/mutuality with communities affected by the Laiban Dam, through training opportunities in agriculture, education and health.
Check out the 10-Fold site for more details, and be counted!
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