Churches: Be on Lookout for Missing Oregonian

October 06, 2011

On Sept. 16 Mark Bosworth, a 6-foot tall, 180-pound cancer patient, disappeared from Riddle, Oregon, where he was working as a volunteer with Cycle Oregon. Despite repeated searches and media stories, he has not been found. It is feared that Mark may have become delusional and disoriented as the result of the medication he has been taking to battle his disease, and may have crossed into California. He may not even know who he is, and since he has no money with him, he may show up in a church food pantry or soup kitchen.

Mark was last seen wearing a cycle Oregon sweatshirt, black athletic pants, and brown sneakers. 
Churches can help by posting a flyer about Mark so that staff can watch out for him. And if anyone spots someone who appears disoriented and disheveled, matching Mark's description, they're asked to please alert authorities. 
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