Native American Ministries Giving Down This Year: Help Make up Shortfall

September 22, 2011

Native American Ministries Sunday was celebrated this year on May 8, but you may give to Native American Ministries at any time of the year! And in fact, this may be the year for extra giving.

Elsie Cunningham, Director of Marketing for Native American Ministries Sunday, writes: "As I look at the financial giving reports that I received from the General Counsel on Finance and Administration, it is evident that giving in several Conferences is down significantly. In the past two years, Native American Ministries offerings have been lower. Some Conferences have kept pace but others have not. Additionally, it appears that the closing/consolidation of some Conferences has affected giving."
Cunningham asks that you consider giving something extra, to help make up the difference.
Participation in this Special Sunday offering helps to fund ministries that pave the way for those who aspire to serve Christ's church by making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Because of your generosity, seminarians prepare to serve, congregations become stronger, and communities are transformed.
"I want to be the best minister I can be," said the Rev. Chebon Kernell, a Native American seminary scholarship recipient. "The best way to do this is through theological education. My hope is for my children to know who they are as Native people, to hold core values, and to know it's OK for them to be what God created them to be."
In today's economy, your contributions are critical if The United Methodist Church is to honor its commitment to ministries that support Native Americans.
Call (888) 346-3862 today to order envelopes and other resources so that your congregation can participate in this churchwide offering. They will be sent at no cost to your church! Find more at