Don't Forget: Small Groups Workshop Is Coming up Soon!

September 22, 2011

"Building a Small Groups Ministry" with Bill Willits is just two weeks away!

Willits is a nationally recognized authority on small groups ministries. Together with Andy Stanley, he co-authored Creating Community: Five Steps to Building a Small Group Culture – and as Executive Director of Ministry Environments for North Point Ministries, he is responsible for an environment in which 10,000 adults enjoy the benefits of participation in a small group.
Small groups are not just "a nice add-on activity": They are essential for building healthy relationships that model authentic Christian community – which is where Christ has called us to live.
But community doesn't just happen. It must be created, and it must be intentional.
Join Bill Willits on Saturday, Oct. 8, 8:45 a.m.-4 p.m., at First United Methodist Church of Carson City, Nevada, to explore:
  • The Need for Community
  • The Goal of Community
  • How Existing Churches Can Build a Small Group Program
"Building a Small Groups Ministry" is recommended for pastors, directors of small group ministries, small group leaders and members, and other church leaders. This workshop will be invaluable to you, regardless of the philosophy of ministry you embrace.
The Call to Action steering committee has designated "multiple small groups," along with programs for children and youth, as one of four drivers of vital congregations.* Does that describe your church? Or do you recognize a need to grow your church's small groups ministry?
You can increase your church's effectiveness in this critical area: Register today to attend "Building a Small Groups Ministry" with Bill Willits.
To pre-register, download flyer and mail attached registration form to First UMC of Carson City. Contact the church at, 775.882.1436 (phone), or 775.882.5742 (fax) for more information. Cost is $20.