Reclaiming Sept. 11 as 'Day of Hope'

September 08, 2011

As we prepare to observe the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Washington, D.C., it is worth remembering that that day also galvanized United Methodist hands to be a force for change in their community.

On Tuesday, United Methodist Communications launched a national digital and audio advertising campaign, asking everyone to Rethink Church and reclaim September 11 as a day of hope.
The ads point out that 10 years ago, 9/11 made many of us rethink our priorities and faith – and they urge, "Don't wait another 10 years to rethink your life, your community, and your world."
Listen to :30 radio spot, Rethink Church – Sept. 11, 2011 here, and watch the :15 video (upper right of this page).
Or visit REEL Witness, the A/V library on the Conference website, and click on "Audio" or "Videos." The Sept. 11 ads will show up at the top of each list.
The campaign will run in a variety of mediums, including on a digital billboard in Times Square and on NPR/APR.
If you hear or see one of the ads in the media, please leave a comment below!
(Read Reclaim the Hope, Hope Fest Hearts and Hands, and other material about making September 11 a day of hope, at