Charge Conference Forms Will Be Available Sept. 1

August 18, 2011

Charge Conference forms will be available to download on Sept. 1.

(Compensation forms for 2012 will be available soon, also. Watch for the announcement in the Instant Connection.)
We have made some changes this year, in an effort to serve you better and ensure reliability of data. Churches will not be asked to enter their church officer information on line this year, but to fill out a paper form instead. Staff in the Districts Administration Center will enter data from the form into each church's dashboard.
In addition, you will observe that some forms are available as Word documents only, and others as PDFs only. Decisions about format were made on a case-by-case basis to eliminate, we hope, some sources of frustration.
When we chose the PDF format, we did so in order to provide you with the convenience of being able to enter information directly onto the form, rather than having to write your information by hand or use a typewriter. However, please be aware that information entered onto a PDF will not be preserved when the form is saved. In order to submit your completed form, you will need to print it, then mail or fax it. (If you have a scanner, however, you can scan the completed form after you have printed it, and then you can send it electronically.)
This year we have made adjustments to the PDF-creation process, too, so that all the information you enter will be visible when the form is printed.
Please contact the Districts Administration Center at 916.374.1501 or if you have questions or need assistance.