UMCom Is Bringing Web Ministry Training to California-Nevada!

August 04, 2011

By Heather Rippletoe
Manager, Communications Training
United Methodist Communications (UMCom)

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—For several months, I have been working with your Annual Conference Communications Office to bring Web Ministry Training (website and social media) to California and Nevada.
In our hands-on web ministry workshops, we will:
  • revisit the foundation for web ministry, grounded in biblical and theological understandings; 
  • explore how web ministry supports communication and ministry plans in your church; 
  • share examples from churches around the connection; 
  • explore user-centered and seeker-friendly approaches; 
  • practice using a variety of free tools to engage your church's audiences; and
  • review 10 best practices to help you to plan your next steps in growing your web ministry.
Just as each of us as Christians are on different paths on our discipleship journey, each church is at a different place on its web ministry journey. Whether your church is just beginning to think about using websites and social media, or you're wondering how to manage and expand what you already have, we look forward to exploring web ministry with you.
We're looking forward to meeting you on Friday, Oct. 14 or Saturday, Oct. 15!
Watch 1 min. 55 sec. video above to find out more! (Right-click on video to watch full screen.)