Shasta Camp Host and Caretaker to Retire

June 23, 2011

By Carol Kern
Publicity Chairperson, Shasta Camp Committee

Paul Armantrout, Shasta Camp Host and Caretaker for many years, has decided to retire. Paul has been in residence year-round at the camp, sometimes enduring many feet of snow in the wintertime. On those occasions he has had to snowshoe out of the camp – a distance of a quarter of a mile – in order to get to his car, to head down a perilous icy road into town to get supplies!
His job as Camp Host brought Paul into contact with many intergenerational campers each summer, and he was delighted to have a few winter campers share the solitude of the winter stillness at camp with him. Paul's welcome smile and savvy about all things related to camp has been invaluable to the campers and to the volunteers helping to maintain the camp. (He also cleaned the Forest Service Camp at Castle Lake, to help defray the yearly Shasta Camp fee to the Forest Service!)
In the last few years Paul has played the piano for services at the Mt. Shasta United Methodist Church.
He survived two fires that destroyed his living quarters – and for the last year Paul has enjoyed the comfort of a brand new, "green" cabin. His concern for the beauty and ecology of the camp has been evident as each camp looked to him for guidance in setting up its camp structure. He will be missed by all campers.
The Camp Committee is in the process of finding another camp host and caretaker.