Order Adam Hamilton DVDs from Good News TV

June 23, 2011

Select DVDs from the 2011 Annual Conference Session of the California-Nevada Annual Conference, June 15-18 in Sacramento, California, are available to order now from Good News TV (GNTV).

Order DVDs of Adam Hamilton's presentations (left) on Thursday evening, June 16 and Friday morning, June 17 – as well as The Service of Ordination with Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr. on Saturday, June 18. 
To order, go to www.gntv.info and click on "DVDs & CDs" on the blue navigation bar. Then click on "Order DVDs, CDs and Download audio from past events HERE," located in the navy box in the middle of the page. For a list of available DVDs, click on "California Nevada AC," located under "Categories" on the left side of the page.
Please note that most music and videos played during sessions will NOT be included, for reasons of copyright law compliance.
The DVDs are available at $22 each. This donation covers the costs of creating the resource and providing it to you. Good News TV is owned by a district of The United Methodist Church.
The DVDs are scheduled to ship within approximately 4-6 weeks.