Please Participate! ACS Evaluation Survey Is Now on Line

June 23, 2011

Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback on Annual Conference Session, to help the Commission on ACS continue to improve the yearly event. Take the 2011 ACS Evaluation survey by clicking on this link, or access it from the website at

You'll find a link to the evaluation on the Home Page – it's the first item under "Quick Links" on the right side of the page.
There also are links to the evaluation on the ACS 2011 News page (click on "Annual Conference Session" under Quick Links and scroll to the bottom of the page), and on the E-First Day Packet page (a subpage of ACS 2011 News).
It was intended that the evaluation would be available even before ACS began. Conference Communications Director Cate Monaghan apologized for the delay, saying, "Getting the evaluation ready was my responsibility, and I simply forgot – more than once! However, I will say, too, that pre-conference preparations – and the conference itself – were a little more demanding than usual from the communications perspective, this year, as we worked with some new people and new technologies and attempted to incorporate some late items.
"We think we've learned a few things (as we do every year), though, and hope that incorporating them into our routine will produce an even better result next year."