The ABCs of ACS

June 17, 2011

Three section reports were heard on Friday.

Section A leader Jim Taylor of Downs Memorial UMC reported that his section unanimously voted to place all of its items, #1 through #4, on the Consent Calendar.
Section B leader Lauren Chaffee reported that Item 5, Recommendation Concerning the Location of Annual Conference Session in the years 2014 and 2015, was being reported to the body with a recommendation to adopt (on a vote of 64 to 18). The recommendation from the Commission on the Annual Conference Session is designed to allow exploration of additional sites in San Mateo County, in part for the purpose of cost saving and in part to allow members to experience ACS in a different setting.
A substitute motion that would reopen the process, so that the possibility of venues in other locales could be considered, was defeated.
Following discussion, Item 5 was adopted.
Item 6, the sale of the Shasta District parsonage, was placed on the Consent Calendar on a unanimous vote.
Item 7, to restore the number on the Youth Delegation to seven (7), was also placed on the Consent Calendar by unanimous vote. (The number of voting youth delegates had been tied to the number of districts, thus the allowable number was reduced to four with last year's reduction in the number of districts.)
Item 8, a recommendation regarding equitable compensation, was adopted unanimously and placed on the Consent Calendar.
Section C leader Donna Wood reported that Item 9, Resolution Regarding the Injustices of Human Trafficking, was placed on the Consent Calendar on a vote of 60 in favor and one in opposition.
Item 10, Recommendation Regarding a Humane 2011-2012 California State Budget, was placed on the Consent Calendar on a vote of 66-0. 
Item 11, Continuing Support for the Rights of Workers, was reported to the body for action on a vote of 42 in favor and 22 opposed. Following discussion, the Item was adopted.
Item 12, requesting that a resolution be submitted to General Conference asking that The UMC urge that the U.S. Farm Bill be amended, itself was amended in section and brought to the body for action. The section made a recommendation for approval on a 42-22 vote.
On the floor, during vigorous discussion, a member offered several amendments to the Item.
Rev. Bob Schwartz moved to table the Item to tomorrow, to enable the printing of the suggested amendments. The motion was seconded and approved.
The budget was presented and adopted after brief discussion.