Delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conferences Elected

June 17, 2011

Three ballots were taken on Thursday to elect delegates to General Conference.

On the clergy side, members to ACS elected Revs. Odette Lockwood-Stewart, Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan, and Dale Weatherspoon; and on the laity side, Randall Miller (delegation leader), along with Emily Allen and Yoshiro Nakajima. 
The Jurisdictional Conference delegation was elected on the first ballot, on Friday.
Clergy: Revs. Odette Lockwood-Stewart, Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan, Dale Weatherspoon, Greg Bergquist, Siosifa Hingano, Elizabeth Brick, Motoe Yamada, Karen Oliveto, Staci Current, and Kristin Sachen.
Laity: Delegation leader Randall Miller, along with Emily Allen, Yoshiro Nakajima, Delilah Fakalata, Gayle Shearman, Laddie Perez Galang, Katherine Kim, Aaron Rhodes, Robert Dunning, and Emma Rhodes.
On a motion from the Rev. Don Cunningham, members suspended the rules in order to accept, by acclamation, the next five-highest remaining vote-getters on each side to serve as alternates. They are:
Clergy - Revs. Felicisimo Cao, Susan Griffin, David Niu, Mark Zier, and Chris Shiber.
Laity - Blanche Farnam, Tom McHugh, Beth Snyder, Brendan Spohn, and Helen Roland.