163rd ACS Is Underway!

June 15, 2011

Jorge Lockward from Global Praise (General Board of Global Ministries) led the opening worship for the 163rd California-Nevada Annual Conference Session, and Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr. gave a warm welcome and called the session to order.

The morning session included the taking of the Conference offering to benefit the Methodist Mission in Cambodia. As offering baskets were passed, those gathered watched a video – produced in Cambodia and delivered to Cal-Nevada electronically – showing the three worn-out trucks the offering will be used to replace, and graphically illustrating the rough road conditions which caused them to wear out! In Cambodia, safe and reliable vehicles are crucial for safely transporting missionaries and connecting the far-flung congregations. (Learn more and watch shorter version of the video on the Conference Offering Page.)
An emotional highlight of the morning session was a time of appreciation of the ministry of Grady Knowles, who retired as Conference Pensions Officer last year after more than three decades of service. Several speakers, including Bishop Brown, the Rev. Don Cunningham, and Barbara Hora from the General Board of Pensions, gave thanks for Knowles' ministry and he, in return, delivered a moving reflection of his years at the Board of Pensions. The assembly gave him three standing ovations.
The conference is being streamed live at http://cnumc.org/videostream and on the Communications Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/cnumc (on the wall, click on "AC Live Stream" in the menu on the right). If you are unable to watch it live, look for videos to be posted to REEL Witness (the video library accessible from the Home Page at cnumc.org) as time permits.
Photos have been uploaded to a photo gallery page on the website. Under "News," select "Photo galleries" from the menu on the right side of the page, then click on ACS 2011 Photos: Wednesday Morning (June 15). We will continue to create photo galleries throughout ACS.