E-First Day Packets

June 09, 2011

Again this year, some materials will be printed and included in the First Day Packet you will receive at Annual Conference Session – but others will be available as electronic downloads only.

The following are the items in the second category which you will need to have with you at ACS. Please go to the E-First Day Packet page, located under "Annual Conference Session" on the Conference website at cnumc.org.
  • Announcements – English (available on Monday, June 13)
  • Announcements – Spanish (available on Monday, June 13)
  • Organizational Motions (available on Monday, June 13)
  • Mealtime Events List (download now)
  • Room Assignments (download now)
  • Blood Drive Flyer (download now)
  • ACS Evaluation Form (available on Monday, June 13. Please remember to share your feedback!) 
You may download and print these documents before traveling to Sacramento – or if you will have your laptop with you at ACS, either save them to your laptop or wait to access them through the conference document server while you are there.
As a first this year, laptop and mobile phone users will have onsite access to Annual Conference Session documents through an Intranet server. What that means is that pre-conference items – such as reports, recommendations, and resolutions – as well as at-conference items such as ballot reports, photos, and announcements – will be available to download to your laptop or mobile phone as needed.
However, be warned that electrical outlets are not available on the floor at the Convention Center, so do bring extra batteries or schedule breaks to re-fuel.
To access the Intranet server on your electronic device:
  • Select CNUMC ACS 
  • Enter the passkey: rethink2011 
  • Then, using an Internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer), add the site name www.calnevacs.org to access the document server. 
NOTE: This will NOT give you access to the Internet, only to the document server. Even though you will use your browser to access the document server, you will NOT be able to access the World Wide Web.
As an added resource, pre-conference documents once again will be available to print at FedEx (formerly known as Kinko's), located two blocks from the Convention Center at 1200 J Street in Sacramento.