Catch Fire: A Song for Pentecost

June 02, 2011

The Rev. Alexis Easton, pastor of Brentwood United Methodist Church – inspired by the "Catch Fire" movement – has written a song for Pentecost which she wishes to share with other churches in the California-Nevada Annual Conference.

It is suitable for a children's choir as well as performance by an adult choir and for congregational singing.
The lyrics are copied below. Download sheet music here.
For more information contact Rev. Easton at 925.634.3136.
Catch Fire
A:       Catch fire, waitin' for the Spirit,
          Catch fire, waitin' for the wind,
          Catch fire, waitin' for the power
          Jesus promised God would send.
B:       God will send the Spirit here,
          Tongues of fire will soon appear.
          Then we'll go forth to share
          Good news of Jesus ev'rywhere.
C:       On fire, movin' with the Spirit
          On fire, movin' with the wind.
          On fire, catch the Spirit's power
          We had faith that God would send.
          On fire,
          On fire,
          We go forth for God…. Catch fire!
©2011 A. Sheldon Easton
May 5, 2011