First-Day Packet Information, What to Do When You Arrive at ACS

June 02, 2011

Everyone who has pre-registered to attend Annual Conference Session will receive his or her "E-First Day Packet" on Friday, June 10.

The "E-First Day Packet" is a link which will be emailed to those who have pre-registered, giving access to materials which need to be downloaded before arriving in Sacramento.
Included in the "E-First Day Packet" will be:
  • News Announcements in English and Spanish
  • Report on 2010 Recommendations
  • Revised Items
  • Conference Nominating Report
  • Clergy Reports for Candidates
  • Organizational Motions
  • Section Assignments
  • Mealtime Events list
  • Room Assignments
  • Blood Drive flyer
  • ACS Evaluation Form
  • Journal Order Form
When you arrive at the Sacramento Convention Center to attend Annual Conference Session, if you have pre-registered, please stop first at the registration tables in the lobby. There you will pick up your print version of the First Day Packet, containing (among other things) your name tag and roll call form.
If you have not pre-registered, however, you will be directed to register upstairs in the ACS Office (Room 305). You will receive a name tag there and will be given your print version of the First Day Packet.
Included in the print version of the First Day Packet will be:
  • Agenda
  • CFA Apportionment Information Sheet
  • Budget
  • Section Assignments
  • Roll Call Cards
  • Tally Sheets for Elections
  • Cokesbury coupons
  • Journal Order Form
Other material will be distributed by the pages.
Before leaving home, please remember to download (and print, if you are not taking your laptop to ACS) the items included in the "E-First Day Packet" – as well as (if you are a voting member) all Reports, Recommendations and Resolutions.