Donate Used Books, Eyeglasses, and More at Annual Conference!

June 02, 2011

Attending Annual Conference Session affords a chance to share books you've loved with others – by donating them to the used book sale table. Located on the third floor near the top of the escalator (near Cokesbury), the table is a welcome destination for "bookworms" looking for a good read to help pass the time during breaks.

A freewill offering of $1 for hardbacks and $.50 for paperbacks is suggested. Proceeds will go to the Conference Commission on Archives and History.
After ACS, remaining books will be donated to a seminary in Fiji (where appropriate), or sold to a used book seller. For more information, contact Sarge Wright at or 916.729.7097.
Other Needed Donations
And if you're planning to pack eyeglasses and/or cell phones to donate, along with those used books, please remember to package them separately – after first removing all individual boxes, bags, cases, instructions for use, and accessories: including cables, batteries, chargers, AC adaptors, etc.
Birthing kits, layette kit and cleaning kits also are needed this year. 
Look for donation bins designated for each type of donation, which will be located inside the main entrances to Halls A/B of the Sacramento Convention Center.
UMVIM also is looking for volunteers to help manage the donations. For more information contact Phil Bandy at or 916.374.1582.
Support Imagine No Malaria
The District Superintendents have given permission for the members of the Youth Delegation attending Annual Conference Session this year to pass a basket to collect donations for Imagine No Malaria at the district dinners, Thursday, June 16. There will be a flyer with additional information at each table.