New Report, Recommendation Posted on Line

June 02, 2011

Three updates have been posted to the ACS 2011 Resources page (click on Annual Conference Session, the first item under "Quick Links" on the right side of the Home Page at, and select ACS 2011 Resources). 

·         The Conference Secretary of Global Ministries Report has been added to the Conference Reports document. If you have already printed a copy of "Conference Reports," a stand-alone copy of the new report is available to download (located directly beneath the Conference Reports document).
·         Item 31: Resolution to Discontinue Galilee Korean UMC, has been posted as a stand-alone document in the "Recommendations and Resolutions" section.
·         In addition, a revised version of Item 28: Recommendations Regarding Clergy Electronic Mail (giving the committee vote and contact information) has been posted.

Item 31 and the revised version of Item 28 will be added to the complete "Recommendations & Resolutions" document as time permits.


If you will be voting at ACS, please remember to download both the Reports and the Recommendations and Resolutions, and save them to your computer. If you do not intend to take a laptop with you to ACS, please print a copy of all the legislation and take it with you to serve as a ready reference.

There will not be a printer available at the Convention Center – not even for Conference staff. (The printer which was set up in the upstairs office in past years no longer is able to make the journey.)