Kaleidoscope Institute Offers Two Summer Courses

May 26, 2011

The Kaleidoscope Institute (for competent leadership in a diverse, changing world) has two summer trainings available at the St. Paul's Cathedral Center in Los Angeles.

The Institute's basic course, "Fundamental Skills for Building Inclusive Community" – used by the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles as anti-racism training – will be offered July 25-27.
In addition, the innovative course "Media and Faith: Creating Audio-Visual Electronic Media to Build Inclusive Community" will be offered July 28-Aug. 1.
Kaleidoscope founder and executive director the Rev. Eric H.F. Law says, "We are very interested in increasing youth and young adult participation in this course."  
Register online for both courses at www.kscopeinstitute.org.
Eric Law is an Episcopal priest whose focus has always been how, as a Christian, he can follow Christ's call to seek and serve Christ in every person, and respect the dignity of every human being. What started out as a need to help himself (and others around him) address race and diversity issues in faithful and constructive ways evolved into something much bigger and deeper. Over the years, many people have found his writing and methods helpful for their ministries, as evidenced by the overwhelming number of requests he receives to give lectures and workshops across the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe. He has written six books on the subject, ranging from individual spiritual practice to systemic transformational applications.
For more information send an email to kscope@kscopeinstitute.org or call 800.366.1636, Ext. 216.