Bridges District Challenged to "Rock the Boat" at Revival

February 09, 2015

More than 300 people from across the Bridges District gathered for a day of revival at Community UMC in Fairfield.  The day began and ended in worship, but also included an offering of three workshops. 
"God has prepared us for such a time as this," said the Rev. Staci Current, pastor of Jones Memorial UMC San Francisco, who preached for the opening worship.  Current challenged those gathered to "Rock the Boat" as she preached from Esther 4:14-16. "God's plan will work inside, and outside of us, and in spite of us," she added.  "If God is calling you for a purpose, a divine time, a chairos moment, you will be challenged." She told those gathered God used Esther to become queen and she fasted and prayed.
Rev. Schuyler Rhodes, Bridges District Superintendent, wanted the event to reclaim the Methodist roots of revival. "I hope that when folks leave any connectional gathering, that they leave with their hearts on fire."  He added, "this is a time for inspiration and power."
Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr. preached the closing worship service asking "What is your Story?" based on John 11:17-26.  "Being faithful to the Church and Christ, and being the people we are called to be is grounded in our story," he said.  He challenged folks to give God time to make space for the miraculous to happen.  "We are part of a tradition that was called together to be a movement…God has great hopes for us, and calls us to be that hope for other folks."