Best Seat in the Sanctuary Benefits Imagine No Malaria

February 09, 2015

First UMC Palo Alto wanted to participate in the Imagine No Malaria effort.  One of the church's members, Michele Conway, had seen an idea about the best seat in the house and letting people bid on a pew in the church.  They modified the concept.  They had the best seat in the sanctuary.  They found a comfy chair and placed it in the chancel area. 
The four people with the most votes would sit in the chair for the four Sundays in February.  Their goal was to raise $2,500. They surpassed their goal in three weeks. 
If a person didn't want to vote for anyone, they could write a check.  They have over $600 with no votes.  This allows everyone to participate. A big deal is made when the person who will site in the chair is announced. The chair of outreach escorts the person to the chair and asks if they need anything. Almost everyone in the church has participated. There are two more Sundays for fundraising and they believe they will raise $4,000.