Pastors, Youth Directors: Use Brand-New 'College Connection' to Help Graduates Maintain Faith Contact

May 18, 2011

Often when students leave their youth group and home church they struggle to connect to a new church or campus ministry program on their own. But now the Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry for the California-Nevada Annual Conference, in partnership with the Conference office of Young People's Ministry, has come up with a way to help keep those graduates connected to The United Methodist Church. It's a simple Web-based application we're calling College Connection.

Here's how it works. Pastors and Youth Directors, as your graduating seniors make their decisions for the fall, simply enter information regarding their plans for the fall school year into the brand-new online College Connection.
The information will go to Kelly Newell, Director of Young People's Ministries, who will pass on the student's name and parents' address to the local pastor and/or campus minister in the area the student will call "home" in the fall!
The pastor/minister can send the student information about the local church and/or campus ministry program, with an invitation to stay CONNECTED when he or she starts school in the fall. 
Please help your students stay CONNECTED with the UMC through the College Connection! To access it, just go to and click on the "Young People's and Campus Ministries" tab, then on Campus Ministry.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact Kelly Newell, Director of Young People's Ministries, at 916.374.1515 or