Change the World Weekend: Weather Reminds Fremont Crop Walkers of Their Purpose

May 18, 2011

By the Rev. Anne Lau Choy
Pastor, St. Paul's UMC, Fremont

Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating for this year's Crop Walk but everyone was a good sport in spite of the rain. As people asked whether we would still be walking that day, as we watched the weather, the slogan "we walk because they walk" was a sobering reminder. Indeed, people in developing countries walk not only in sunny weather but also in the rain. And even in our country, many people do not have a choice to stay in until the weather turns nice. This is what life is like when you depend on your feet for transportation. So getting wet and cold is part of joining with those who are poor.
We had about 75 people altogether – 33 of those walkers and runners from our church, and the others from Pathway Community Church and St. Christina's Orthodox Church in Fremont. That's great on such a questionable day. We will have fun remembering the year that we walked in the rain, thunder, soft hail, and sunshine – all in one hour! 
Thank you for your donations, whether monetary, or giving of your time to the crop walk to address hunger and poverty in the world. Your gift will make an impact because 100% of your donation will be at work. Church World Service provides food in famine situations and trains people in sustainable food productions, and 25% of our giving will be put to use locally, at Centerville Free Dining Center in Fremont.
Our church has raised $910 so far, with more to be collected. Thanks again for your support!