Approaching Deadlines for Annual Conference Session

May 12, 2011

It was brought to our attention that the email address for the Rev. Kristen Sachen, Conference Secretary, was incomplete in the online document, Nominations for General and Jurisdictional Delegates. Unfortunately, part of the visible email address was lost during the process of converting the document to PDF format, even though the email address was available when selected.

The correct document is now available online on the ACS 2011 Resources page.     
The deadline for receiving lay nominations for General and Jurisdictional delegates is 5 p.m., May 16, 2011.
Other important deadlines:
  • Nominations for clergy General and Jurisdictional delegates must be returned postmarked by May 27
  • Display Table Applications: May 15
  • Youth & Childcare Registration: May 31
  • Mealtime Events Application: May 31
  • Clergy Registration: June 6
  • Laity Registration: June 6
  • Youth Delegation Registration: June 9
New items are being added as we receive them. Be sure to visit the 2011 Annual Conference Session page and ACS 2011 Resources page frequently for up-to-date information. (Note: Three new recommendations/resolutions Items 26, 27, and 28  have just been added.)