Cal-Nev UMs Are 'Catching Fire'!

April 28, 2011

On Easter Sunday, April 24, United Methodists throughout the California-Nevada Annual Conference began "Catching Fire" by participating in a Conference-wide season of preparation for the work to be done at Annual Conference Session in June, using the Bible study, "Catch Fire in 50 Days – Joining the Movement of God's Mission in the World," written by members of the Conference's Committee on Congregational Vitality.

The study is available to download. In addition, 1,218 copies of the published version of the study have been purchased, to date.
The blog site at is alive and active, with daily posts which relate to the study material for each day, and many thoughtful comments being offered. Likewise, the Catch Fire Facebook page at is ablaze with activity.
More than two dozen people have subscribed to the Catch Fire blog and subscriptions continue to come in daily – and not just from the Cal-Nevada Conference, either: We have one subscriber from Englewood, Colorado, and two from Richardson, Texas!
More than three dozen people have subscribed to E-Fire, to receive the study material as a daily email.