Free Abingdon E-Book Downloads, This Weekend and Next Only

April 21, 2011

Abingdon Books is offering a free E-book download this weekend, April 22-24, and another free E-book download next Thursday-Saturday, April 28-30.

This Friday-Sunday, April 22-24, Generation Rising: A Future with Hope for The United Methodist Church is available for free Kindle and Nook download.
It is the collaboration of twelve Gen-X authors who believe passionately that the Wesleyan vision of Christian discipleship in the holy community called church is the most exciting life we can live. They offer a vision of what The United Methodist Church could be.

Next Thursday-Saturday, April 28-30, Doing Good: A Grace-Filled Approach to Holiness by Christopher P. Momany is available for FREE Kindle and Nook download.
Chris Momany is the chaplain and a part-time professor at Adrian College in Michigan. He is a member of the West Michigan Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church and has been the pastor of several churches in New Jersey and Michigan. Chris is a graduate of Adrian College, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Drew University. His ministry combines scholarship with the love of Jesus.
What is Christian holiness?
Momany believes, "holiness witness is something of a neglected treasure waiting for rediscovery ...
Holiness is the reality of becoming/being that which God desires for us."
In this book you will explore the meaning of love as it speaks to our relationship with God and our relationship with others, and embrace the idea of holiness – by examining such questions as its relationship to the moral law; its relationship to freedom; and, most important, its relationship to the very being  of God.
Holiness embodies a perpetual dialogue with God. By knowing God, we come to know ourselves. We also come to know and love others.
Being Who We Are (Matthew 5:48)
Beyond Do's and Don'ts (Ephesians 2:8)
When Freedom Means Self-Absorption (Romans 3:31)
When Freedom Means Relationship (2 Corinthians 3:18)
Questions for Reflection and Discussion