Cal-Nevada Takes Call to Action Seriously With 'Catch Fire'

April 14, 2011

95.3% of respondents to the Call to Action survey made a personal commitment to "regular study of Scripture and praying for God's mission among us," as a means of supporting changes necessary to increase our focus and effectiveness as a Church.

In the California-Nevada Annual Conference, this commitment is translating into a "wildfire" spread of participation in "Catch Fire in 50 Days."
Catch Fire is a challenge to join the movement of God's mission by participating in a season of preparation for Annual Conference Session, beginning at Easter and continuing to Pentecost. Some pastors plan to lead their churches in a coordinated study, while at other churches, Catch Fire small groups are being launched.
You also may choose to do the study individually, if you prefer – and you can access study materials in a variety of ways.
A bound, published edition of a study guide written specifically for Cal-Nevada is available to order – and also may be downloaded at no cost, both from the Conference website at Other resources you'll find there include sermon outlines and worship slides.
If you would like to receive each day's meditation in the form of an email, delivered daily to your In Box, subscribe to E-Fire (at
For fresh insights and interaction with others engaging in this season of preparation, subscribe to the Catch Fire blog at You'll find a small group template at the blog site, too.
And get connected via the Catch Fire Facebook community at If you're a Twitter-phile, include #catchfire50 in your tweets!  

Celebration: As of April 14, 1,086 Catch Fire study guides had been purchased!
Celebration: The Rev. Joe Morgan of Montague UMC and Mt. Shasta UMC purchased 100 books in order to provide one for each of the active members in both churches (60 for Montague and 40 for Mt. Shasta). He’s very excited and looking forward to the study!