NOW: Order 'Catch Fire in 50 Days' Study Guide in Book Form!

March 31, 2011

Published copies of the "Catch Fire in 50 Days" study guide (i.e. the study guide in book form) are available to order now! Cost is $5.50 per book for orders of 1-99 books, $5 per book for orders of 100 and more.

Calculate shipping and handling charges separately, based on the number of books being ordered (see chart below)
The deadline for orders – to ensure delivery in time for Easter – is April 11. However, we encourage circuit leaders to place your orders right away to guarantee the books are available in time. We also encourage circuits to combine orders so as to minimize shipping and handling charges.
(Or place your order at,, and at – or click on the Registrations tab on the main navigation bar on the California-Nevada Annual Conference website at
Note: Email to order more than 250 books.

Shipping and Handling charges:
1-2 books $5
3-9 books $12
10-20 books $17
21-49 books $27
50-75 books $37
76-100 books $45
Orders of more than 100 books will be invoiced separately.