2011 Conference Offering Bulletin Inserts Available

March 23, 2011

Bulletin inserts highlighting the 2011 Conference Offering are available now to download. You'll find them on the 2011 Annual Conference Session Page and on the special "ACS Offering" page, which is a subpage of "2011 Annual Conference Session."

To get there, click on "Annual Conference Session," the first item in red under "Quick Links" on the Home Page at cnumc.org. You'll be taken directly to the ACS information page for this year – and you'll see a link to ACS Offering: Methodist Mission in Cambodia in the menu on the right side of that page.
Click on it to access loads of information about the Cambodia mission and the goals for this year's Conference Offering at ACS.
Or go directly there by typing cnumc.org/ConferenceOffering into your web browser.
The bulletin inserts are available in a full-color version and in a modified-color version (photos are full-color but the background is white). And of course both inserts can be printed in black and white by choosing that print option.