$25,000 Raised for West Angola Pastors' Support

March 17, 2011

Pastors in the California-Nevada Annual Conference now have raised more than $25,000 to support the salaries of pastors in West Angola.

Twenty-five pastors in this Conference give 1% of their salaries, designated to supplement salaries of pastors in West Angola whose salaries have not been fully paid in their local situations. In all, 197 pastors in West Angola do not receive their full salaries.
"Every $100 that we send will help supplement a West Angolan pastor for one month. The relatively small amount that we give makes a tangible difference in the vital work of the church in West Angola," says the Rev. Rob Jennings-Teats, who organized the 1% campaign at Annual Conference two years ago. "This is an investment in the biggest asset of the West Angolan church – its pastors – who are the cutting edge in building peace in an impoverished country torn by decades of civil war," he says.
"This pastor-to-pastor connection also is a significant part of the partnership between Cal-Nevada and West Angola," he adds.
If you wish to know more about giving to this effort, contact Rob Jennings-Teats at jenningsteats@sbcglobal.net.