Clarification: Conference Relationship with Sacramento Downtown Hyatt

March 11, 2011

To clarify our story regarding Annual Conference Session and the Conference's contract with the Sacramento downtown Hyatt:

The Annual Conference Session has voted to remain in Sacramento through 2013. Our contracts with the Hyatt Sacramento run through 2013, as well (corresponding to the vote to locate ACS in Sacramento), and cancellation would cost the Conference more than $100,000 per year in cancellation fees. We also are held financially responsible for unused rooms in our room block.
"The engineering employees have been unionized since the hotel opened," says Conference Treasurer Diane Knudsen. "Hyatt Sacto asserts that its non-union employees consistently vote against unionizing. It also asserts its employees have the best wages and benefits of any hotel employees in Sacramento." 
Knudsen says, "We continue to work to hear from all voices on this issue and will keep you posted on any new developments."