Resources for YOUTH 2011

February 17, 2011

Looking for resources to get your group to YOUTH 2011?

There are options to help ease the cost:
*The Bishop's Challenge – Code SGDD will reduce the cost by $100. Enter the code on your registration, or if you've already registered, contact Blake at General Board of Discipleship,, and let him know you would like the discount.
*Apply for a conference scholarship – up to $100 per individual for groups of fewer than 10, up to $500 for a group of 10 or more. Contact Kelly Newell, Director of Young People's Ministries and Camping, at and let her know your group size, your need, and how much you've been able to raise so far. These funds are limited, so apply early!
*Apply for a YOUTH 2011 scholarship through GBOD – contact Blake at or through the YOUTH 2011 website, Amounts are the same ($100 individual, $500 group). Note: The deadline is the end of February!
Questions? Contact Kelly Newell at 916.374.1515 or