Celebrating UM Giving: Attend 'Together We Can,' Coming to Cal-Nev in March

February 17, 2011

"There are things we can do as a connectional church – working together – that no one church could do on its own." – The Rev. Dr. Ken Sloane

In early March the California-Nevada Annual Conference will have the honor of hosting the Rev. Dr. Ken Sloane, Director of Communications Ministry at United Methodist Communications in Nashville, at a series of workshops in celebration of United Methodist giving. Rev. Sloane will make a tour of the Conference, giving his inspiring presentation at several stops, beginning March 4 and wrapping up at the March 11 Bishop's Confirmation Camp.
It's an exciting opportunity to explore:
  • The biblical foundations for the way we give;
  • The stories of how we make a difference;
  • Resources to help your church tell the story of how United Methodists are transforming the world! 
Mark the week on your calendar and plan now to attend one of the "Together We Can: Celebrating United Methodist Giving" workshops. They will be scheduled throughout the Conference so that everyone has an opportunity to hear Rev. Sloane and draw inspiration from what he has to share.
Specific dates and locations will be announced next week.
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