Prepare Now to Change the World: May 14-15

February 03, 2011

Last year United Methodist churches provided opportunities for 100,000+ people to join in helping to Change the World – one project at a time. With more than 1,000 work sites, in every state (and outside the United States), the first Change the World weekend did make a difference, and continues to reap results.

Start preparing now to be a part of Change the World 2011!
Change the World is a movement to connect United Methodists across the world in service, both locally and globally, on one weekend – May 14-15, this year.
Last year Change the World was a brand-new, untried concept, and the weekend took place in April – yet 12 churches in the California-Nevada Annual Conference agreed to participate! This year there's better awareness, a history of success, and more lead time. How many more congregations will join the original 12 for Change the World 2011?
Here's what to do:
1. Identify a project that makes a difference in the local or global community (or both!); 
2. Register at and download the free flyer (available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and five other languages);
3. Invite your community to get involved!
United Methodist Communications is making free and discounted resources available to all registering churches.
A four-week worship and study series will be released in mid-March. This free resource for adults, youth/young adults, and children will offer a companion multimedia bundle for $25. Churches will receive a coupon for a 50% discount on the bundle after they register to participate in Change the World 2011.
Registered churches also will receive free shipping and postage from product orders placed on through May 15. The offer applies cable to both Change the World and non-CTW products.
Cal-Nev Communications is planning ways to add its support to participating churches, as well – so after registering your church, please let Communications in on your plans for the Change the World 2011 weekend!

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