Historical Website Launched by Chinese Community UMC

January 26, 2011

Chinese Community United Methodist Church in Oakland's Chinatown is pleased to announce the launch of its History website. The site celebrates CCUMC's ministry and service to the community since the 1870s – even prior to the official establishment of the church in 1887. The website is a collection of historical research, maps, photos, and personal stories about the church, its pastors, and congregation members.

You are invited to explore it at leisure.
You may navigate to the History website from the church website at http://chinesecommunityumc.org/: From "about us" at the top, scroll down to "our history" and click on the Moongate logo – or go directly there by visiting http://chinesecommunityumc.org/history/Home/.
CCUMC extends thanks to those who provided critical pieces of historical data and background information.
"As with any piece of history," says CCUMC Lay Leader Derek Lang, the History website is "an ongoing work," and the church welcomes feedback and invites new stories and insights.