Hear December Radio Interview With Two Cal-Nev Pastors

January 19, 2011

On Tuesday, Dec. 14 the Revs. Jola Bortner and Dale Weatherspoon were guests on the Capital Public Radio program "Insight," hosted by Jeffrey Callison.

They were invited to discuss various immigration education and reform initiatives of The United Methodist Church, particularly the "Drop the I-Word" campaign advanced by the General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR).
Instant Connection subscribers were emailed an announcement about the program prior to the broadcast. However, if you were unable to listen to it live, you may hear the interview, which is 15 min. in length, by going to the "REEL Witness" library on the Conference website at cnumc.org and clicking on "The Revs. Jola Bortner & Dale Weatherspoon Interview."
A link to REEL Witness is located in the "Areas of Interest" menu on the right side of the Home Page.